Car keys can cost if you do not know what to look for.

Young woman holding keys to new car

It’s fair to say that car keys are pretty important to anyone who has a car. If you misplace them, break them, or outright lose them, then you find yourself in a world of frustration. Most car owners don’t keep spare car keys, which can be unbelievably frustrating. Ahh!!!

When you’re faced with this issue, you have to get replacement car keys. You may also need to get new keys if yours have been stolen. You have two choices when you need to replace car keys: the car dealership, or a locksmith. Both options are going to cost you money, but there’s more to consider on top of cost.


The dealership is going to cost more than a locksmith, as much as three times the price. If you want to save money and still get a quality replacement, then choose a reputable locksmith to get the work done.


Opting for a locksmith will also save you time. It may take a dealer days to produce new keys, and get you back on the road. With a locksmith, you could be back in business in an hour or less. So, if time is a factor- there’s only one real option for you: it’s got to be a locksmith every time.


There’s nothing better than convenience, and there’s nothing more stressful than lost or misplaced keys. If you choose the dealership, you’re going to need to find a variety of paperwork, which is a hassle on top of what you’re already dealing with. Without the required documents, the dealer won’t complete the work. So, opting to call a locksmith is a far more convenient way to proceed.


Accidents can strike when you least expect them. Whether you’ve finished your day of work, or before you’ve even left the house. When emergencies strike, you need a quick fix so that you can return to your normal daily life. An auto dealership is never going to offer a quick solution, but a locksmith will. You’ll get the services immediately.


When you hire an automotive locksmith, you want to hire someone who is experienced and reputable. An experienced locksmith can handle any situation and knows the appropriate tools to use for each job they face.

As you can see from the list above, choosing a locksmith for your automotive locksmith needs is far more cost efficient, time saving, and convenient when compared to taking your vehicle back to the auto dealership. Locksmiths are equipped with the right tools to take care of your job on the spot, and have the experience needed to take care of any issues. Locksmiths are readily available, more convenient, and cheaper. Make sure you keep the number of a reputable locksmith in your phone, so that whenever the need arises- you’re prepared to deal with it quickly and efficiently, just like the locksmith will.