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Lock Re-keys Give You Peace of Mind and Save You Money

Lock rekey AustinAustin Locksmiths strives to provide quality lock rekey Austin services in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. All of our locksmiths possess 5+ years of experience in providing quality commercial, emergency, automotive, and residential locksmith services. We value our reputation for providing fast and friendly Austin, TX locksmith services with professionalism and expertise.

Our well-trained team of expert technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. We always provide you with upfront pricing at competitive rates and make 24/7 locksmith service calls. Our 30 minute response time allows our customers to resolve their security concerns quickly. We also bring the shop to you because our mobile locksmiths travel in fully equipped service vehicles to better serve Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

How Lock Rekey Services Benefit Residents, Businesses, and Drivers

A driver, homeowner, or business owner could find themselves needing to rekey their locks for a variety of reasons. A new home or business owner may want to rekey the locks to ensure appropriate access. Drivers often choose to rekey car door and ignition locks when the keys to the vehicle become lost or stolen. Businesses with company vehicles may do the same. Business owners may also wish to rekey their locks for greater security when the number of available access keys becomes too many or unknown. Break-ins and burglaries also make lock rekeying a desirable option.

As opposed to a complete lock change, when our locksmith rekeys a lock, they alter the mechanism within the lock so it will only accept a new key. The locksmith removes the doorknob and changes the tumblers within the lock cylinder. The tumblers are responsible for allowing a designated key to open a specific door. When the locksmith exchanges the tumblers with those of different sizes, the old key no longer works. The lock has been reconfigured to accept a new key. Our lock rekey services give customers a lower cost alternative to a complete lock change. When our mobile locksmiths arrive, they thoroughly review the lock to see if rekeying is an option. In certain cases, a lock may not be able to be rekeyed.

Changing the locks of a home or business may not always be the most desirable course of action for reasons other than cost. Some customers wish to keep the original or current locks for aesthetic reasons or in order to preserve vintage or custom made locks. The current lock may also be a very secure lock. For convenience, some homeowners choose to rekey multiple locks to open with one key. Property owners also rekey locks to accept the tenant’s’ key as well as a master key. In addition, residential property owners must rekey locks between tenants in some states by law. Rekeying allows home and business owners to customize their lock configurations to suit their personal and business needs.

Choose the Best Locksmith Services in Austin, TX

Austin Locksmiths wants to be your number one choice when seeking general locksmith and lock rekeying services. As a complete Austin, TX locksmith service, we can meet all of your lock-related needs. We understand that a broken or compromised lock poses an emergency that affects your schedule. Our locksmiths respond within 30 minutes of your call. We also provide lock rekeying services 24/7. We offer fast and friendly services and we’re completely licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team of expert locksmiths and staff provide professional, honest, and dependable service. Our customers can feel confident that they will receive the best Austin lock rekey services possible when they contact us.

We are happy to serve the residents, drivers, and business owners of Austin, TX and surrounding areas with complete locksmith services. Whenever you’re facing an issue with your locks or keys, we are here to help. Our 24/7 locksmith service in Austin, TX is always available. Feel free to call us anytime with questions or for a free quote.


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