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Top Quality Garage Door Repair By Austin Locksmiths

Did you know Austin Locksmith offers a variety of essential garage door services (in addition to locksmith assistance)? We are your top company for garage door repair in Austin. Local residents and commercial property managers can count on us for fast and reliable services at great prices.

If your residential or commercial garage door requires the attention of an expert, we offer a valuable resource! Our skilled technicians regularly supply repairs, garage door installation and maintenance services.

Obtain Knowledgeable Garage Door Maintenance Services

Your garage door cannot lock properly if it does not close securely. Our licensed, insured and bonded company appreciates the vital importance of this issue. Ask our friendly, expert technicians to perform regular maintenance on your residential and business garage doors.Garage Door Repair In Austin - Austin Locksmiths

Preventative maintenance helps ensure automatic garage doors operate dependably.

Some aspects of this service include:

  • Fully inspecting garage doors
  • Replacing heavily worn or broken springs
  • Replacing remote door opener batteries
  • Ensuring door control mechanisms function optimally, and more!

Timely Garage Door Repair Services

Austin Locksmith offers both residential garage door repair and commercial garage door repair services. Contact us whenever you notice a problem developing. For example, we routinely address these issues:

  • Noisy Doors: Does your garage door creak, rattle or thunder? Call us to diagnose and correct the source of noisy automatic door operators.
  • Off Track Doors: If you’ve noticed a bent or loose garage door track, call us right away! We’ll fix this potentially serious problem.
  • Cable Repair: We also help customers by resolving an array of concerns associated with malfunctioning or loose garage door cables. Let us know about this situation as soon as you observe any change in the normal operation of your door.
  • Roller Repair: If your automatic overhead door no longer closes in an even, smooth manner, it may have sustained a problem with a garage door roller. We service many different makes and models.
  • Opener Repair: Call Austin Locksmiths whenever you detect a developing garage door opener issue. For instance, we can replace garage door remote control batteries correctly and quickly.
  • Panel Repair : In some situations, we’ll undertake garage door panel repair services. This serious problem may require customers to obtain a replacement garage door.

Our Commercial Garage Door Services

We offer comprehensive garage door installation, maintenance and repair services. We work on most makes and models.
A malfunctioning overhead garage door poses a potential safety hazard, to young children, pets and property. Contact Austin Locksmiths for fast assistance correcting garage door problems!

Obtain Emergency Garage Door Services

Do you need emergency garage door repair assistance? Call us to obtain fast, capable service. Austin Locksmiths offers reasonable, upfront pricing. You’ll know the full extent of the bill before we perform any work for you!

Our firm strives to furnish outstanding customer service. We treat our customers fairly. We value your business and hope you’ll recommend us to others.

Additional Important Security-Enhancing Services

Of course, as skilled local locksmiths, we routinely address problems relating to emergency, automotive, residential and commercial locks and keyless entry systems. Count on our assistance whenever you require a locksmith.

To assist our customers in enjoying secure environments, we’ll perform qualified, complete garage door installations, too! Our services benefit homeowners and businesses.

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