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At Austin Locksmith, we have a local team of experts available for complete commercial garage door services in Austin TX. We service a variety of commercial garage doors fast and efficiently. Our service methods are thorough and professional, and we implement cost-effective procedures during all projects.

About Austin Locksmiths

Because we’re licensed, bonded, and insured, we never cut corners. Our certifications, proper supplies, and professional techniques give customers peace of mind throughout the entire service process. Whenever our services are needed, we strive to begin and complete all tasks on time. After we finish a project, there are no surprises because we provide up-front pricing.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

When we tackle commercial garage door projects, we work with businesses that need roll-up doors with steel components. Our technicians also mount doors that are specifically designed for fire stations. We always run tests after completing commercial garage door installations to ensure that everything will operate efficiently throughout the busiest business hours. We can also install insulated sectional doors, traffic doors and uninsulated sectionals.

Basically, we can install the perfect commercial garage door to suit your business needs for commercial properties of all sizes.

Commercial Garage Door RepairCommercial Garage Door Services In Austin - Austin Locksmiths

During commercial garage door repair situations, we resolve a variety of problems that affect how vital components function. Our crews repair:

  • Faulty torsion springs
  • Defective rollers
  • Damaged wiring
  • Dented panels
  • Frayed cables
  • Squeaky doors
  • Nonfunctioning remotes
  • Problems with garage door locks

We also resolve problems that can lower a garage door’s safety by conducting various tests. Because precision matters during these projects, we always use proper replacement components that are designed for specific garage doors.

For example, when we repair insulated sectional doors, we inspect the insulation material thoroughly to ensure that there are no gaps where air can escape. During projects that involve traditional sectional doors and traffic doors, we select high-performance replacement supplies to enhance the mechanical equipment.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Our maintenance services help business owners maintain key components that can lose their efficiency over time. Because we use high-tech tools throughout all maintenance jobs, we’re able to make key adjustments that can impact a garage door’s performance without harming sensitive hardware.

Emergency Garage Door Services

As rapid technicians, we implement strategic procedures during emergency situations so that service tasks can be done with any delay. We tackle many problems that can affect a business’s productivity levels, such as door jams and damaged springs.

Residential Garage Door Installation and Repair

All of the services that we provide to commercial businesses are also offered to homeowners. Residential customers get the same level of customer service during garage door installations and repairs.

Bonus Services In Austin

Besides garage door packages, we also specialize in a variety of locksmith services that benefit businesses, homeowners, and drivers. Since we have emergency crews for each of these services, an appointment can be scheduled anytime. When we arrive to perform commercial garage door services, ask us about our complete range of commercial locksmith solutions as well.

How To Protect A Garage Door

In order to keep a commercial or residential garage door in good condition, maintenance and repair services must be pursued quickly whenever problems are noticed. When the springs are causing a mechanical failure, a door shouldn’t be used until the problem is resolved. Operating a door with a faulty spring is dangerous because the tension could make the paneling slam on the ground.

Austin Locksmiths serves locals in many neighborhoods and business districts throughout Texas. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for our commercial garage door services in Austin.


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