Austin has a large immigrant community and a young population, so there is a huge demand for locksmith services in Austin. Austin locksmiths are very professional, skilled and experienced, and are required by law to be licensed in the state of Texas.

Local locksmiths in Austin handle a number of different services, such as helping people caught in a lockout scenario, maintenance of locks and keys, installing complex home security equipment and more. They are fully capable of handling all types of locks, including standard lock, electronic locks or keyless locks and biometric locks.

Here’s a look at the common services of an Austin locksmith.

#1: Austin Residential Locksmith Services – Austin is a fast growing city, so residential locksmiths in Austin stay busy most of the time, helping people who have lost their keys and have gotten themselves locked out of their own homes and apartments. They handle replacement and repair of lock and key systems, provide key cutting services and installation of home security systems such as “smart” cameras and “smart” locks. Residential locksmiths also perform home security audits.

#2: Austin Commercial Locksmith Services – Commercial locksmiths in Austin install high security locks such as deadbolts, electronic and biometric locks to prevent theft or robbery. They install advanced security systems to prevent shoplifting. They install commercial and office safes; provide rekeying and “Master Key” services so that the owner or the management has full control over the commercial establishment.

#3: Austin Automobile Locksmith Services – Car locksmiths or automobile locksmiths are knowledgeable about all types of car keys, ignition systems and are capable of handling transponder key programming. They are familiar with every type of vehicle, made by all the top automakers such as Ford, GM and Toyota, regardless of the year of manufacturing, make or model. They handle key cutting as well, and can be summoned on location if you get yourself locked out of your own car and need their help to get out of the messy situation.

#4: Austin Emergency Locksmith Services– Emergency locksmith services are those that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no breaks or holidays. They handle all sorts of home, business or car lockout situations, and arrive at your location in their locksmith vans within 30 to 45 minutes of your call, even if you were to call them at odd hours of the day or night. Emergency locksmiths in Austin provide a fast and reliable service and are highly responsive, but they don’t come cheap.

#5: Austin Key Cutting Services – Many locksmiths offer key cutting services, where they cut a new set of keys for you to replace your old keys. You can have a spare set of keys made by a key cutting service in Austin and keep them in a safe spot, to be used later if you were to lose your original set of keys.

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