A locksmith business should have all the tools and equipment necessary for meeting the needs of its customers. You can have a store in a building or you can equip a utility can for more mobility without having to pay for rent. Here are some essential tools and equipment necessary for a locksmith business:

Equipment to Cut Keys

There are several kinds of equipment on the market. A simple key cutting duplicator is good for mobility but the ITL machine allows you to cut keys and re-pin locks according to the manufacturer’s specifications. You should have more than one of these in your business so you would have backups should something go wrong.

Blank Keys

These should be available for every kind of lock because you never know what to expect from a customer. You should keep a good amount in stock, around a minimum of 1,000 pieces. Check your supply regularly and replenish as needed. You can also visit the local hardware store in the area to research which locks are the most popular for the area.

Bench Grinder

This is a very important piece of equipment as well. You would need this to remove debris and brass from old keys so that they would not get stuck in locks. Think of it as a key maintenance tool. Have at least 2 of these for backup purposes.

Tool Box

A good tool box would carry all the hand tools you can think of. Different sizes of screw drivers, pliers and even electrical tools such as a drill. For house visits, you may need to have battery powered electrical equipment so keep them charged at all times.

Bolt Cutter

You should have this at hand to easily cut through locks. Customers sometimes get locked out and there would not be a key on hand. You can simply cut through the lock and have it replaced rather than spending a significant amount of time trying to knock it open.

Locks & Keys

You should keep a lot of these in stock, ready to replace your customers existing lock and keys. They may feel safer when it comes out of a sealed package rather than having someone they are not familiar with, cut a new set for them. Sometimes too, you may need to break or cause significant damage to their existing locks when customers have issues so having these on hand would save you and the customer a lot of time and hassle.


The most common oil is WD-40. Have a good supply of these in stock to help you with removing the keys that are stuck in their locks. The most common issue in the locksmith business is when keys get stuck in the locks. WD-40 can make your job a lot easier because it is a penetrating oil that comes equipped with a very thin straw-like applicator.

Promotional Items

Usually, everyone has call cards but an innovative idea would be to make it in the form of a fridge magnet. That way you make yourself more accessible to customers and they would remember you more. Call cards are cheaper but fridge magnets are more durable.