Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless Entry Locks Installed & Repaired in Austin, TX

Keyless Entry Locks installed AustinIf you are on the hunt for high tech locks from a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured in Austin, TX and surrounding areas, and guarantees to offer professional keyless entry installation, look no further than Austin Locksmiths. Our locksmiths and dispatch team offer fast and friendly, 24/7 locksmith service with upfront pricing before beginning any work on the project. All service calls are dealt with in 30 minutes or less, and all of our locksmiths have 5+ years of experience in commercial, residential, and auto locksmith.

Keyless Entry Locks For Your Home Or Business

Security is a major concern for residents and business owners in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Besides offering 24/7 locksmith service in Austin, all of our locksmith services are completely mobile meaning we always come to your location. The keyless entry locks that we install and repair include:

Keypad Locks
Biometric Locks
Electronic Deadbolts
High Tech locks
Smartphone-Controlled Locks

Certified High Tech Locksmiths In Austin

As security systems continue to evolve towards keyless entry, it is imperative to have a trusted locksmith on hand who can help you navigate through the unclear or rather technical aspects of the set ups. One of the set ups that has gained popularity over the years are keypad locks. Our expert technicians have the necessary training and skills not only to install keypad locks but also to repair them quickly and professionally.

Biometric Lock Sets

Some businesses or even households may contain highly sensitive documents and materials. To ensure the safety of these materials, you may need to install a security system that only responds to your fingerprint or iris. It is now possible thanks to technological advancements in commercial lock sets. Austin Locksmiths installs and repairs biometric locks for businesses all over Austin, TX.

Electronic Deadbolts

From locking bank vaults, safety deposit boxes, and warehouse security doors, certain businesses need electronic deadbolts to control access without the use of keys. Austin Locksmiths is a professional commercial locksmith that can install heavy duty electronic locks for various businesses all over Austin. Even if we didn’t install your electronic deadbolt but the lock is broken, call on our expert locksmiths to repair your electronic locks.

Lock It With A Smartphone

Our company understands that many of the residents in Austin, TX and surrounding areas lead very busy lives and at times, may want to provide someone with entry to their homes but cannot provide them with the keys. This may require them to produce an extra set of keys to provide either to the cleaning lady or a friend. This system has proven to be redundant and susceptible to burglary. What if the keys get lost? With smartphone locks, the locks are still keyless and can be controlled by your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The main advantage with this system is that it allows entry to the house or business premise for a limited or programmed amount of time. The installation of smartphone-controlled locks is relatively easy but repair, in case of a malfunction, may require an individual versed in the working of apps, Internet, and the lock set itself. Our technicians will properly assess your smartphone lock and respond accordingly.

One-Stop Shop

Our technicians are highly trained to deal with each and every eventuality that may arise. Our working policy allows us to offer competitive, upfront pricing for every job that we embark on. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured and highly devoted to service excellence. Our firm is local, reliable, and dependable as we offer a 30 minute average response time. We also utilize only mobile locksmiths who arrive to your location in fully equipped vans ready to fix any lock or key issue you may have. Our services seek to revolutionize the keyless entry system market. Contact us today and enjoy fast and friendly keyless entry installation and repair.


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