Among the most common locks used today is the keyed door know lock. These locks are used for commercial building and home security purposes. While these locks are easy to install, inexpensive and effective, they also have their share of disadvantages. Before you decide to re-key locks, there are pros and cons to consider as well as the alternatives you have.

Benefits of re-keying your locks
Helps to combat weather-related issues
If your front door lock is frozen, when using re-key locks for all your doors, it means you can access your home using another door. Yes, a frozen lock requires a little thawing, but it is time-consuming for many people.

More convenient

If you are looking for a locking system that will allow you to access your home more freely, the same key locking system for your doors is the perfect solution. The convenience also involves not thumbing through the key to figuring out keys for different doors which also means you have one key to carry around.

More comfortable

Since you won’t be needing a different key for different doors, the re-key technology is the most comfortable way to carry your keys. A wad of keys in your pocket or purse will weigh you down, but a single one is usually easy to bring along.

Disadvantages of the re-key lock system

Lost key inconvenience

If you happen to lose your key, you will be unable to access your entire business or home. Sometimes it’s not easy to access your home using another door if you lose the front door key, but with Re-keying technology, it is possible.

Your key should not fall into the wrong hands

The keyed lock is comparable to using the same password for all your accounts. It makes it easier for a hacker to access all your information once they crack your password. The same happens with re-key technology, once someone fined your key, they can access everything you own in an instance.

Easy to pick
The keyed locks are also very easy to pick. If an intruder knows what he or she is doing, they can access at your door whenever they want.
Other options

A better option to keyed lock or re-key locks is to go keyless. If you dislike the idea of carrying many keys, Use electronic locks that open vial codes, Bluetooth or WIFI. Don’t forget to consult your locksmith for tailored advice.