Residential Locksmith Services in Round Rock TexasThe crime rate in virtually all parts of the world has increased so much that security is now a burning issue in the agenda of all governments. So, it is very important to be security conscious at all time. This article gives you a few tips on how to make your door burglarproof.

You need a solid door

If you can’t afford to make all the doors in your house a solid one, you should still manage to make the one in the main entrance a solid one. There is no point installing secure locks when the door itself is not solid. Flush or non-solid doors will usually cave in when kicked.

There are several steel doors that are solid and kick-proof and if you can’t afford any of them, you can get a door with solid-wood core.

Use additional reinforcement

Although metal doors are very strong but they can be bent open with a car jack. To prevent that, you should add an additional reinforcement at the back of your metal door. In addition, you can also install a lock block.

Windows should be far from doors

Never install a window within an arm’s reach from your main entrance door. Burglars can smash the window and reach the back of the window through the smashed window. However, if it is a rented apartment and a window is already beside the door, you can use reinforced glass for the window.

Install an alarm system near your door

Burglars like secrecy and they hate noise. So, while an alarm may not be able to prevent them physical, the noise serves as a deterrent. Once the alarm goes off, they know that your neighbors will begin to peep through their windows and they may even call the cops, so installing an alarm is a great way to ward burglars off. It is a great idea to talk to locksmiths to get an idea.

Avoid dense shrubbery

While it is a good idea to plant flowers around your house, they should not be near your door and neither should they become densely packed. Burglars may use it as a hideout; waiting for the perfect time to strike. Some people deliberately scatter dried leaves around their home. As intruders step on the leaves, they crackle loudly and this noise notifies the occupant that someone is lurking around their home.

Think of secondary protection

Burglars hate doors that will waste their time so the more difficult it is to break into your home the less likely they will make an attempt. You could make a metal gate in front of the door. That way, a burglar has to break through the door first before breaking through your main door.

Illuminate your surrounding

Burglars sometimes strike in the night when it is dark. It is usually easy for them to hide around a home whose surrounding is dark. By lighting up your surrounding, you make it less tempting for burglars.

While there are better ways to protect your home from burglars, the tips outlined above will sure go a long way towards protecting your door.