What is the Cost of an Office Lockout Service in Austin?

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You need the assistance of a quality locksmith when you find yourself locked out. The locksmith industry has grown by nearly 4% in recent years. Residential and commercial customers all over appreciate the help of these lock and key professionals each year. You’ll definitely need speedy, skilled service from a locksmith when you’re locked out of the office. There are plenty of office lockout solutions you can explore in Austin. Knowing the price of office lockout service and other handy tips will make this an easy process. Here’s what to know about the cost of office lockout service in Austin.

What Is the Cost of Office Lockout Service in Austin?

Price is rightfully the first detail customers are worried about when they’re locked out. You want a prompt rescue from a professional without it hurting your bank account.

Understanding the going rate is the first step toward getting a great deal.

Office lockout services start at a $30 flat fee and a $19 service fee. These prices are comparable to home lockout service in Austin, so you might already have some leads if you’ve ever locked yourself out of the house and needed a locksmith.

Bear in mind that this estimate is just the starting rate and that you could pay significantly more than the $30 minimum based on several factors.

Consider the Nature of Your Office Lockout Needs

Explore the nature of your lockout needs to get an idea of how much you might pay. A professional Austin office lockout service quote based on your needs will show you the full picture.

Here are some details that may affect your office lockout service cost when you get the price quote:

The Location of Your Office

Geographics mean a lot anytime you’re hiring a professional for any sort of contract service. Bigger cities tend to have higher prices especially in areas with a higher cost of living. The neighborhood where your office is located can make a big difference. A simple change in zip code can make your quote higher.

Austin has a population of a little less than 1 million people and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. This means that your office lockout service price can vary.

Even with Austin, consider the terrain where your office is located and whether it’s easy for contractors to gain access. All of these location details matter when calculating your price.

The Nature of the Office

The complexity of your office plan and layout can dictate the price as well. If you have different tiers of access, security gates, elevators, and multiple stories, providing locksmith work in your office may not be straightforward.

You’ll typically answer questions about doors, levels, and access when getting a quote on the phone or online. Include these details upfront so that you’re not surprised by any additional fees later.

The Locks and Points of Access

You have to also consider the nature of the door you’re locked out of. Different offices have different locks, and the complexity and hardware required can make a difference.

Your locksmith may be able to get you back in with minimal change to the lock. However, they may also have to remove and replace your lock entirely. Make sure the price quote includes the change lock service cost.

Consider the door that you’re trying to get into and the type of lock it uses. Your main front or back doors might use different locks than your interior office doors.

Examples of some lock types that you might use in your office include:

  • Cylindrical knob locks
  • Mortise locks
  • Smart locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Electronic locks
  • Magnetic locks
  • Cylindrical lever locks

The company that helps you with your Austin office lockout services can replace the lock that you have or install a completely different type of lock.

There are also locksmiths who work on access control systems, which many small businesses today are adopting. These systems use a more complex set of locks and may require more attention to detail when replacing them.

What Type of Work the Locksmith Will Provide

Speak to a few locksmiths so that they can walk you through the labor and nature of the work you’ll need. Your lockout service could be quick and straightforward or might require a few hours of work and lots of hardware.

Before calling a locksmith for service, find out if they have any specialties or if they provide a certain type of locksmith work. Some customers need lockout services for garages or large commercial doors. Others work on high-precision, professional-grade locks made by certain manufacturers.

Take these factors into consideration so that your price quote is as accurate as possible.

The Time of the Day

Something as simple as the time of the day can play a large role in how much you’ll pay for locksmith services. When your office lockout happens during regular business hours, it’s more cost-effective.

Locksmiths can get to you quicker and you won’t pay as much on weekdays as you will on weekends or holidays. If it’s late at night or early in the morning on a weekday, you might also see a spike in the price.

Whether You’re Under Contract With the Locksmith

It pays to do consistent business with a locksmith. Many companies enter contracts with locksmiths that guarantee service throughout the year. If you already have entered into a contract with a locksmith, this is the best avenue to explore whenever you’re locked out.

Consult your plan details or contract to see how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for the service call if anything. Some contracts give you discounted prices on service calls, while other plans act as prepaid, so you won’t pay anything at all out of pocket.

Some service plans will also help you if you’re locked out of a vehicle that your company owns. Learn what services you’re entitled to and start here before contacting other locksmiths.

How to Find the Best Prices

You can start shopping for more accurate prices once you know exactly what kind of service you need. Having a strategy in advance will help you find more reasonable prices.

Here are some tips that will help you get what you need from your price quote:

Shop for a Handful of Price Quotes

Many locksmith customers make the mistake of getting their first locksmith quote and then calling it quits. Get a handful of quotes from a few locksmiths so that you get the full picture of the market and what you can expect.

The quotes should be in writing when at all possible. This lets you compare rates with more accuracy. The quote will reflect the most up-to-date prices so that you can test the rest of the Austin locksmith market.

Consider Their Flat Rate

When you’re shopping for the best price, compare the various flat rates that you’re charged. This is the fee that you’re charged for a locksmith to show up at the property.

You may be charged more for a flat rate depending on other circumstances. The flat cost might go up depending on things like distance, hours, and other circumstances. Factor in the differences in rates so you can understand the likely range of how much you’ll pay.

Negotiate and Price Compare

There may be room for you to negotiate until you find the best rate available. When you have a few written price quotes in hand, it’ll be easier for you to ask locksmith companies about their price-matching policies.

Many locksmiths may not openly share these policies, which is why it’s worth the extra effort to find out for yourself.

Look Into First-Time Customer Incentives

Locksmith companies sometimes provide incentives to new customers. They might offer new customer discounts that can knock off a percentage or dollar amount.

Always ask about these types of discounts so that you get more of your money’s worth out of the project. That way, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Get an Opinion on Any Repairs You Might Need

Consider the different repairs that you might have to get when you need lockout service. You might need help changing door locks in your building on top of regaining access.

Two different locksmith companies may have different professional opinions on what sort of work you need. If you have time, consult with multiple locksmiths to figure out what kind of work they suggest so that you can explore your options.

Handle Your Year-Round Locksmith Needs

The benefit of hiring a professional for your lockout services is that they can also assist you with other types of locksmith service year-round. They can help you when you’re in need of several locksmith services, including:

  • Rekeying your locks
  • Setting up security systems
  • Modify locks and doors
  • Cutting new keys
  • Installing access control systems, panic bars, and other equipment

These sorts of locksmith needs are constants for any business, which is why it’s helpful to have a locksmith you can work with on an ongoing basis.

Have Your Locks Checked Regularly

Since you’re working with a locksmith year-round, make sure to get your locks checked. Getting your locks inspected frequently will let you know that the hardware is working correctly, which will make your building less susceptible to break-ins.

You’ll know in advance when it’s time to change your locks. From there, you can upgrade to the types of locks that’ll be ideal.

Partner With a Go-To Locksmith

After hiring a locksmith for lockout services, you’ll get a clear idea of their capability and professionalism. This allows these pros to become your go-to locksmiths for the foreseeable future.

You’re more likely to get a quality rate when you have years of experience working with a professional that you can trust.

Install Other Security Measures

Have the locksmith explore some other security measures with you. Many locksmiths today also install alarm systems and other security measures that can prevent intruders, take inventory of who comes and goes in your business, and makes it a safer place to work.

Some locksmiths will even install security lighting for you to add more visibility to your office building. Consult with a locksmith that can give you a safety and security audit so that you can begin adding these sorts of details.

Change Keys When Dealing With Turnover

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is failing to change keys frequently enough. When you have employee turnover, you’ll need to change your keys more frequently.

Ask your locksmith about options and keep them in the loop as you have employees come and go. They will help you create the best solutions.

Have a Protocol for When People Get Locked Out

If you’ve chosen a go-to locksmith to partner with, make sure that working with them is a known part of your company’s protocol. For instance, all employees should know what number to dial or what to do to quickly get back into the building after being locked out.

This works best when you have a working contract with the locksmith or you’re being billed.

Finally, make sure that you get a warranty for every aspect of your work. Whenever new locks or other hardware are installed, you’ll be glad that you have a protection plan for the parts.

Handle Your Austin Locksmith Needs

Now that you know the cost of office lockout service in Austin, you’re able to make the right decision. Having the help of a pro can be a lifesaver if you’re ever locked out.

Austin Locksmiths is happy to provide you with the service that you need. If you’d like to request service, send us a message or call us at (737)222-7022.

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*Lock-Out Services:

Car, Truck  Lockout Starts at $30-$150
House / Apartment Lockout Starts at $30-$150
Office or Business Lockout Starts at $30-$150
Interior Room / Bedroom Lockout Starts at $30-$150
Mailbox Lockout Starts at $30-$150
Cabinets, Toolboxes, Etc. Lockout Starts at $30-$150
Safe Lockout Starts at $70-$350

*Lock Work:

Change Locks Starts at $40
Re-Key or Lock Combination Change Starts at $15 per cylinder
Master Key Systems Installed Starts at $20 per cylinder
Lock Install or Lock Repair Starts at $35
Fresh Install (door with no pre-cut hole for lock) Starts at $60

**Automotive Service and Ignition Keys:

New Car Key Starts at $90
Duplicate/Copy Car Key Starts at $59
Ignition or Lock Change Starts at $120
Programming Transponder Key Starts at $60
Ignition Key Extraction Starts at $70

* All prices are a minimum estimate for the service listed. The final price may vary and will depend on the security
level of the lock system + labor charged.

**This price is a minimum cost estimate for the service listed. Due to the fact that every key and/or ignition is uniquely built/cut, the final cost may vary, and will depend on the complexity of the service, the condition of the locks and programing costs if associated.

Important note: Total amount payable will be the $49 Service Call Fee + Labor Charge + Hardware or Lock Price (if needed). Please also notice that our dispatch team can only give an approximate estimate of the total price of the service, based on explanation of the situation given by the customer over the phone. The actual complexity or situation may
differ in reality, therefore the price may vary.  A $49 Service Call may be charged for areas outside the main service area.

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